Week one

14 02 2012

These portfolios are all very colourful. They contain numerous pictures and videos. These pictures and videos are works done by the person or company. They decorate the portfolio,as they are massive and really attractive. Another thing I have noticed is the usage of bold text, this makes everything to look clear, as when someone reads the attention goes to the bold texts.

Considering the content, they all have a bit of history, giving information about the company or the person.  Another thing is contact detail, they all have their contact detail and also work done by them(person or company) such as videos, pictures, articles, etc.

They all use social networking sites such as Faceebook and Twitter.

Portfolio its quite similar as CV, the only difference is that portfolio is colourful and include pictures, videos, etc. Also it is possible to go far including the amount of work done, while CV is much brief.

These are links to some portfolios that I found interesting:







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